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Public Safety Notices
Oct 07,2014 at 04:01:PM

Fall 2014 Semester Notifications:

10/7/2014 Public Safety Notice: Off Campus Robbery

10/2/2014 Public Safety Notice: Off Campus Assault

9/28/2014 Public Safety Notice: Off Campus Robbery

9/10/2014 Public Safety Notice: Armed Robbery

9/2/2014 Public Safety Notice: Off Campus Robbery

Spring 2014 Semester Notifications:

5/7/2014 Public Safety Update: False Report of a Robbery

4/13/2014 Public Safety Notice: Robbery

2/17/2014 Public Safety Update: Thefts and Burglaries

2/4/2014 Public Safety Information: Thefts

To view a Google map of the 2014 alerts with their locations, visit here:,-76.130244&spn=0.015151,0.032079



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