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Bingham, Haley Honored at CNYACOP Awards
Nov 14,2014 at 03:09:PM

Officer John Bingham and Officer Kevin Haley will be honored tonight at the annual Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police Awards Ceremony. Officer Bingham will receive a Law Enforcement Commendation Award, Officer Haley will be presented with a Heroic Action Award for his response to a South Campus fire in March 2011. Jessica Wilkerson, a SU senior, will be one of three civilians at the ceremony, and will be presented with the Citizen Commendation Award, for her actions during an in-progress crime at Haven Hall.


Throughout 2011 Officer Bingham was instrumental in solving several serious in-progress crimes, suspicious persons, and traffic enforcement complaints on and around Syracuse University. I would like to highlight three of Officer Bingham’s investigations in 2011.

On October 8, 2011 Officer Bingham located and observed a suspicious vehicle that the vehicle had a handgun in it. After making notifications, he then assisted the Syracuse Police in keeping surveillance on the vehicle until the occupants returned. Officer Bingham’s then proceeded to assist the Syracuse Police in a felony traffic stop at the intersection of Euclid Ave and Lancaster Ave that subsequently led to the arrest of one individual for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.
On Sunday, October 9, 2011 near the 1200 block of Harrison Street and on October 26, 2011 in the 700 block of Westcott Street Officer Bingham responded to a robberies just occurred. Officer Bingham’s swift response to the calls, ability to work with the Syracuse Police Department led to the quick arrest of the suspects in both robberies without further incidents. In both cases information was developed during the continuing investigation which led to the recovery of weapons, controlled substances and stolen property.
For his actions in responding to the incidents, and his collaborative efforts with officers and supervisors from the Syracuse Police Department, John Bingham is award the Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police law Enforcement Commendation Award.
During the early morning hours of March 29, 2011 Officer Haley was dispatched to a complaint of a fire at a student apartment on Farm Acre Road at Syracuse University’s South Campus.
Working with other members of the patrol division, Officer Haley responded to the fire scene, assisted in extinguishing the fire and searched for any residents that may have still been inside the structure. 
While other officers were attempting to evacuate the remainder of the apartments attached to the building that the fire was located in, Officer Haley fought the fire with extinguishers from inside the structure, which was full of smoke and fire. 
Officer Haley was able to extinguish the fire, assist other officers in the evacuation of all residents who may have been in harm’s way, prevent any injuries and prevent any further damage to the building or other personal property. 
For his actions, Officer Kevin Haley is awarded the Central new York Association of Chiefs of Police “Heroic Action Award”.
On Sunday, March 25, Jessica Wilkerson, a Resident Advisor at Syracuse University, intervened in an in-progress forcible touching incident at a residence hall. A male student entered the hall’s main lobby and grabbed a female student.
Ms. Wilkerson heard the female student screaming for help. She pushed the male away and assisted in keeping the male in the lobby until campus peace officers arrived, after which she gave a witness statement to the responding officers. The male student was arrested.
For her selfless actions, Jessica Wilkerson is awarded the CNYACOP Citizen’s Commendation Award

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